Contentious Probate

If there is a dispute by one or more of the beneficiaries involving inheritance, validity, or accuracy of a Will because it failed to make sufficient provision to the claimant it is called contentious probate.

Dealing with these kinds of issues requires a sensitive approach that looks at a wide range of factors e.g. family disputes, undue influence and testamentary capacity (a persons’ legal and mental ability to make or alter a valid will).

Beacon Wealth Legal Probate and Litigation department have over 40 years’ experience and can help you with all matters arising in a contentious claim.  It can be hard to deal with these issues whilst grieving, and we are here to take away some of the stress for you. If you feel you have been incorrectly left out of a Will, or if there is someone contesting a Will and you would like to defend your position, contact us for will help.