Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of arranging the disposal of a person’s estate during a person’s life. It tends to eliminate problems and uncertainties over administration and maximise the value of an estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

Nearly everyone has an estate. It comprises everything you own; your car, house, other property, bank and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture and other personal possessions. No matter how large or modest, you cannot take it with you.

Beacon Wealth Legal realises how important it is to ensure, regardless of the value of your estate, that you are informed and kept up to date with the many exemptions and reliefs available. We can also discuss with you the implications of Trusts, whether they be for asset protection, for minors or vulnerable children or anything else.


STEP (Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners) is a worldwide professional body for solicitors advising families across generations. Being a member of STEP means that you are subject to an extensive Code of Professional Conduct, requiring to always act with integrity and in a manner that inspires confidence, trust and respect in clients. It also means that Beacon Wealth Legal STEP members are required to keep up to date with the latest legal, technical and regulatory developments. You can rely on Beacon Wealth Legal to take care of your best interests.

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As no one knows what will happen in the future, it is important to make sure you have your affairs in order well in advance. Estate planning is crucial in ensuring you can take care of your loved ones after you pass away. Contact Beacon Wealth Legal to begin reviewing your plan.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning