Dispute Resolution

Being a Resolution member means that Beacon Wealth Legal are committed to the constructive resolution of disputes and follow a code of practice for family law that is widely recognised and adopted by the Law Society.

Beacon Wealth Legal can help with all different disputes including;

As a business or an individual disputes do unfortunately arise. We offer clear advice from the beginning, initially advising you on whether it would be cost efficient for you to pursue a claim and whether the problem can be resolved at an early stage without the need for litigation (the conduct of a lawsuit).

If matters do reach a trial, we offer full support and will advise you step by step on the procedure involved. Our highly experienced team offers high quality, practical and detailed advice on a broad spectrum of potential disputes. You can rely on our focused team to provide you with the honest, professional advice you require in order for the dispute to be resolved as quickly and fairly as possible. Contact Beacon Wealth Legal for more information.

Dispute Resolution
Dispute ResolutionDispute ResolutionDispute Resolution

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