A lease is a private contract between the leaseholder (tenants) and the landlord. The landlord of a leasehold property owns the property and leases it for an agreed amount of time. The lease also states certain contractual obligations and rights for both parties. After the lease has ended the property is given back to the landlord (owner).

Repairs and maintenance

Lease holders and landlords have different responsibilities in terms of repair and maintenance of the property. In general the tenants are responsible for the repair and maintenance of (unless specified in your contract):

  • The floor surface
  • Wall plaster and plasterboard
  • Ceiling plaster and plasterboard
  • Glass and windows within dwelling
  • Internal non-structural walls
  • Plumbing and wiring within the dwelling

The Landlord or Management Company is responsible for repairs and maintenance of:

  • Any communal areas
  • Structural and exterior repair

As a leaseholder you have certain rights and responsibilities such as:

  • Information about service charges and insurance
  • Landlords name and address
  • Consultation on certain maintenance and running costs
  • Challenge certain charges

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