What to include in your Will

Different people need to cover different areas in their Will depending on their situation. If you are elderly or a parent you would consider Powers of Attorney more than someone who is young, unmarried and has no dependents.

If you are unsure about the different topics you need to cover in your Will, Jeffrey Mills Solicitors can help and advise you to make sure that your loved ones are fully protected.

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If you share ownership of a property with a spouse or partner then your half of the property may automatically pass to your spouse or partner under the law of survivorship. In the event that both of you die it is important to state who you wish your estate to pass to, and who will be the executors of your Will.


For children under the age of 18, your Will should clearly state who will become the guardian of your children and how you will support them. If you are living together and have children from a previous relationship then their biological parent would have the responsibility to look after them if they are fit and willing.

It should also state where the money should come from in order to look after them; this usually comes in the form of trusts.
If children inherit money or property it will be held in trust until they have reached the legal age of 18 when they can choose how to manage the trust.

Click Here for more information on different types of Trusts.

Jeffrey Mills Solicitors listen to their clients’ needs and offer specific advice to assist and guide them. Importantly, where possible, Jeffrey Mills Solicitors offer fixed fee quotes to ensure that there are no hidden costs, and explain our terms clearly from the outset.

We understand that advice can often be sought at a difficult time, therefore we always approach each client with compassion and sensitivity, which is backed by being members of Resolution. Contact us today for assistance on Wills.

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