Family Law

Family Law

Family Law refers to rules, regulations and court procedures involving the family unit.

These matters include family members’ financial responsibilities, arrangements regarding children, eligibility, rights of same-sex couples to get married, divorce and adopting a child. Domestic violence and child abuse are also included within this section.

Jeffrey Mills Solicitors understand that making the decision to consult a family solicitor can be a difficult and emotional one. We are members of Resolution, which means our solicitors are committed to resolving any family dispute as quickly and amicably as possible, in a constructive and non-confrontational way. However, we will ensure that your rights will be protected, as will those of any children involved. If court proceedings are deemed necessary we will deal with these in a professional and courteous manner, instructing a barrister where necessary and appropriate.

Jeffrey Mills Solicitors deals with all family and domestic matters such as:

When Do I Need a Family Law Solicitor?

This will depend on the specific factors to your case.

You would not necessarily need a solicitor when getting married, but may be required should one of the parties ask the other to sign a prenuptial agreement. You can often also benefit from hiring a solicitor when dealing with divorce, child support and arrangements regarding children.

Emotions can run high during divorces. Hiring a Solicitor for their legal knowledge and skills, as well as negotiating with the other party to resolve difficult issues can be invaluable. Contact Jeffrey Mills Solicitors for help and advice on all aspects of Family Law; where you and your priorities are put first.

Family Law
Family LawFamily LawFamily Law

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